1VM/CTZRay Performance Pacakge


Transform Your Corvette C8 with Classic Trim Customs’ 1VM Splitter & CTZray Side Skirts

Elevate the presence of your Corvette C8 with our premium, American-made 1VM Splitter and CTZray Side Skirt Package. Designed for both aesthetic appeal and improved aerodynamics, this package is the ultimate upgrade for Corvette enthusiasts.
– Model-Specific Design: Tailor-made for the Corvette C8, ensuring a flawless fit.
– Enhanced Aerodynamics: Improves handling and performance with sleek, aerodynamic design.
– Premium Quality: Expertly crafted by Classic Trim Customs in the USA.
– Durable Material: Constructed with high-grade materials for longevity and resilience.
– Custom Aesthetics: Adds a unique look to your Corvette C8.
Package includes: 
1 Front splitter
1 left side, side skirt
1 right side, side skirt



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