Elevate Your Corvette C8 Engine Bay with our Custom Caps!
Upgrade your Corvette C8 engine bay with our easy-to-install custom caps. Designed to fit perfectly over your factory caps, these additions are a stylish way to enhance your vehicle’s appearance. Make your Corvette stand out today!
4 pc includes:
1 Engine oil cap
1 Coolant Reservoir cap
Brake Fluid cap
Windshield Washer fluid cap

To see how these are made: click to watch video of caps

Engine caps are available in the following colors:

Hydrocarbon Fiber | Forged Carbon Fiber | Artic White | Accelerate Yellow | Amplify Orange Metallic | Black | Blade Silver Metallic | Cacti Green | Caffeine Metallic | Carbon Flash Metallic | Ceramic Matric Gray Metallic | Edge Red | Elkhart Lake Blue Metallic | Hypersonic Gray Metallic | Long Beach Red Tint coat | Rapid Blue | Red Mist Metallic Tint coat | Riptide Blue Metallic | Sea Wolf Gray | Sebring Orange Tint coat | Shadow Gray Metallic | Silver Flare | Torch Red | White Pear Metallic | Zeus Bronze Metallic

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